Acting Up

Bringing your training to life

The use of professional actors is a unique way complement your in-house training programmes. By playing the part of interviewee, difficult staff member, customer, student, manager, amongst numerous other roles, our actors can help to make your training more realistic. Roleplay and Forum Theatre allow your employees to gain experience in a real work situation - allowing them to make any potential mistakes during training rather than in the workplace.

The best actors

Acting Up is committed to sourcing the best actors. We know that in a business training environment there is a need for a particular style of acting - a naturalistic, realistic, true-to-life approach - and our actors are carefully selected with this in mind.

Tailoring our service to your requirements

As specialists in the field of role-play and forum theatre, we can either work from your scripts or specific requirements for characters, or you can brief us to write scenarios and characters for you. We can supply you with actors for any period of time from half a day upwards.

Whatever your requirements - we guarantee absolute professionalism and dedication to your project. If you have any questions you are welcome to call us on 07891 908 912 or email us.

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