Role play

Whether you're aiming to select, train or retain staff, role-play is an extremely practical and flexible way in which you can get the best results. By translating your training objectives into a practical exercise, you can allow your participants to put their valuable training into immediate practice. And by practicing on actors, potential problems can be ironed out before delegates take their new skills into the workplace.

Our service is incredibly flexible. We realise that each training programme is individual and we will tailor our approach accordingly. You may have already decided how you want to use our actors but if you haven't, here are some suggestions. We can:

Work from a character/scenario brief

This is the most popular form of actor-based training. Our actors are supplied in advance by you with a specific character to play in a specific scenario. This allows participants to use the actor as a human guinea pig on which to develop their skills. The actor will react in character to the approach of the participant, meaning the outcome will be different depending on the skills presented. You can either run a whole interview or exercise from start to finish, or freeze the exercise at any point to allow participants to gain insights from the trainer or observers. Actors can give feedback at the end of each exercise.

Create our own characters/scenarios

We are happy to use our experience in this field and to work in collaboration with you to create characters and scenarios. Equally, if you provide us with your training outcomes, we can make suggestions as to which characters and situations may help get the best out of your participants.

Work from a script

If you have specific ideas about what you would like your customer/interviewee/member of staff to say, this can be supplied to our actors in the form of a script - allowing you to test out a particular situation that you may wish to work on. The script can be written by yourselves and delivered by our actors, or written in collaboration with ourselves.

Forum theatre

Actors can present a scene in front of your participants which demonstrates a particular situation that you would like to work with. Your participants can stop, rewind and replay the scene, changing elements of it to demonstrate the need for improvements to behaviours or approaches in a given situation. Participants can continue doing so until they are happy that they have found the correct solution to the problem at hand.

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